CLC Workbench / Ingenuity Variant Analysis Workshop

This hands-on training workshop will introduce users to the CLC Cancer Research Workbench ( for the fast and efficient processing and visualisation of Human NGS data, and to Ingenuity Variant Analysis ( for the identification, prioritisation and biological interpretation of DNA Variants. The case study will cover the basics of data visualisation, QC, the creation of user-constructed workflows, and the identification of variants from targeted human DNA resequencing using the Workbench. The biological significance of the variants will then be interpreted using Ingenuity Variant Analysis which will allow users to additionally annotate, filter and prioritise variants based on their biological relevance.

Date: February 18, 2015

Program: Course Topics:

Introduction to QIAGEN Sample to Insight, CLC Cancer Research Workbench and Ingenuity Variant Analysis
Getting Started with the Cancer Research Workbench
Loading human fastq data and performing QC
Alignment of reads to a Reference genome, coverage and QC
Variant Calling and variant-level annotation
Workflows for different data types
Integrating the Workbench with Ingenuity Variant Analysis
Creating an Analysis of multiple samples in Variant Analysis
Biological interpretation of variants
Refining filters, refining the analysis
Advanced Analysis Tips and Tricks

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