ELIXIR-NL CWL Lesson Hackathon

In the CWL community a lot of efforts have been made to set up lesson materials. Previous work consists of establishing episodes, learning objectives and learner profiles. In this CWL lesson hackathon we intend to build on that work and make significant steps towards creating CWL lessons that can be (re-) used by the CWL community and others who need to train in CWL. The newly developed lessons will be first used in two upcoming CWL courses in 2021 (by ELIXIR-GR and ELIXIR-NL).

The hackathon will take place on March 22 and March 23, from 13-17 CET.

Audience & prerequisite knowledge

Participants in this lesson hackathon are expected to have some familiarity either with workflows (with CWL being the case in study), and/or training / lesson development / pedagogical aspects.

The lesson hackathon itself will be structured into parallel development sessions, and therefore complementary experiences will be particularly useful to address the challenges and exercises of the lesson, and create balanced teams. Finally, it is important to note that the hackathon is open to any contributors, and not limited only to the ELIXIR network.

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