Epigenesis and epigenetics

Nutritional conditions in early life may, through epigenetic and epigenesist processes, have profound effects on physiological functioning and health in later life. This course aims to provide a detailed scientific background on the mechanisms that may underlie these early-life effects, both at the physiological and gene expression level. The program combines knowledge on perinatal programming by nutritional factors in humans, laboratory and farm animals.

Date: May 21-23, 2014

Target audience: Postgraduates (MSc, PhD) with a background in animal, veterinary, biological, health, or food sciences. The course is open for participants from both industry and universities/research centers.

Program: The following topics will be addressed:
Early life nutrition

  • Prenatal programming; mechanisms and implications
  • Hunger winter studies
  • Nutrition during pregnancy

Immune programming

  • Maternally-mediated immunological imprinting
  • Effects of the microbioom


  • DNA methylation, histone modifications and ncRNA
  • State of the art techniques
  • Statistical and bioinformatic analysis

Phenotypic plasticity

  • Metabolic flexibility
  • Dietary interventions

Course website: http://www.vlaggraduateschool.nl/courses/epi-gen.htm