EPS Postgraduate course ‘Genome Assembly’ (2nd edition)

The aim of this course is to teach PhD students in the green life sciences about the process of genome assembly and annotation. We will cover topics such as sequencing technologies, assembly algorithms, genome annotation, assembly improvements, and assembly validation. The focus is on the assembly of (complex) eukaryotic genomes. After attending this course, students should:

  • understand the main sequencing technologies;
  • understand which steps are involved in producing an annotated genome sequence;
  • have an overview of relevant tools, or know where to find them;
  • be able to understand genome papers (assembly terminology and common analyses);
  • be able to do a small genome assembly using Galaxy.

Date: April 28-29, 2015

Target audience: PhD students in the green life sciences, interested in and/or working with genome sequences. Would you like to better understand how reference genomes are built? Do you want to assemble your own genomic data? Are you considering sequencing the genome of your favorite species? Then this course will be interesting for you.

Course programme (tentative):

  • Day 1: Sequencing and genome assembly (incl. pre-processing, de novo assembly, post-processing)
  • Day 2: Assembly improvement and annotation (incl. gap filling, scaffolding, and optical mapping)

Course website: http://www.graduateschool-eps.info/index.php/training-programme/eps-specialized-phd-courses-eps-mainmenurood-122/265-postgraduate-course-genome-assembly