FAIR Awareness

Research – in general terms – produces ever more data. It is desirable that this research data remains usable for follow-up research. In practice, this proves difficult. The FAIR principles have been formulated to address this issue. Data must be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. Using these as guiding principles is known as FAIR Data Stewardship.

In this short course, which has been developed in collaboration with the GO-FAIR Foundation, you will gain a basic understanding of FAIR Data Stewardship.

Target audience
This course is intended for researchers, managers, policy makers and professionals who encounter FAIR Data Stewardship themes but who don’t have to write data management plans.

The course will be given at one of Hogeschool Leiden’s locations and will be simultaneously streamed online via Teams.

Please register for the course before 12 April 2021

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