Helis Academy Course: Omics data analysis through data integration – using biological pathways, networks, and linear models

The first Helis Academy Omics Data Analysis course is a collaborative effort between Maastricht University and VIB in which you will learn about transcriptomics data analysis and multi-omics data integration.

We will begin the course addressing how you obtain published data from data repositories and then cover basic pre-processing steps. We will continue by introducing you to molecular pathways, from what they are, to how to make your own, to how to use them in advanced omics data analysis (transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics) and how this compares Gene Ontology analysis. The course will continue by zooming out to utilize your pathway analysis in a broader network analysis so you can see the bigger picture. Finally, we will finish with a day to show you how to integrate Omics data sets in an unsupervised statistical way using linear models.

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