Introduction into Quantitative Biology

Discoveries in the biological sciences increasingly require combining sophisticated technologies, quantitative measurements, and theoretical approaches such as bioinformatics, mathematical modelling and computer simulations. Hence, modern Life Sciences research faces the challenge to integrate different scientific disciplines and foster collaborative projects between biologists, chemists, physicists, computer scientists and mathematicians to make biology a quantitative natural science discipline. This course gives you a one week introduction into the approaches and research questions in this modern field of “quantitative biology”.

Date: July 14-18, 2014

Target audience: Students having completed a bachelor program in any of the sciences with a genuine interest in interdisciplinary work.

Program: Teachers in this school are (1) members of the Institute for Biodynamics and Complexity (IBB), (2) affiliates of the IBB with a biology, math, physics, chemistry or computerscience background, and (3) invited experts in quantitative biology. Lecturers will start at an introductory level and will end with presenting their current research. Classes will involve lectures on modern biology, biophysics, and microscopy. In the afternoons there will be hands-on computer practicals, practicals on the analysis of microscopy images and videos, and journal clubs.
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