Introduction to FAIR Data Stewardship

Research – in general terms – produces ever more data. It is desirable that this research data remains usable for follow-up research. In practice, this proves difficult.

The FAIR principles have been formulated to address this issue. Data must be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. One of the ways to ensure this is to incorporate data stewards in research teams. These data stewards ensure that data is and remains FAIR in research projects.

In this course, which has been developed in collaboration with the GO-FAIR Foundation, you will gain knowledge and basic skills associated with FAIR data stewardship.

Aimed at
This course is designed for those who wish to work as a data steward in a research environment or are closely associated with data stewardship.

Prior knowledge
We assume that you have above average ICT skills and that you have an understanding of and skills in the area of data comparable to the level of the Introduction to Data Science & Technology course. If this knowledge is lacking, then the course Introduction to Data Science & Technology would be a very suitable introduction into the course Introduction to FAIR Data Stewardship.

Couse dates
8, 15,22 September, 6, 13 October and 3 November 2021 (14-17h)

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