Life Sciences with Industry 2014

Are you a young scientist with a background in the life sciences or a related research field and do you have a creative and inquisitive mind? Do you like to think outside- the-box? Do you want to meet new people from other disciplines, including mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering ?
If yes, apply for the second ‘Life Sciences with Industry’ Lorentz workshop.

Date: Nov 3-7, 2014

Target audience: PhD students and postdocs that have obtained the PhD less than five years ago.

Program: Five challenging R&D problems, formulated by five Dutch life sciences companies, will be tackled by 40 young researchers. They are expected to find creative solutions to challenging, real-life problems. Students are expected to make new contacts and develop future job perspectives as the result of the workshop.

During this workshop, each R&D problem will be tackled by a group of eight young scientists. Each group will be supported by a senior researcher from academia or industry. On the last day, each group will present their solution of the problem that was tackled.

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