Life Sciences Technologies Introductory Course

On 18-21 January 2016, Medical Genetics Centre “South-West Holland” (MGC), DTL Technologies and DTL Learning jointly organise a a course on life sciences technologies. In four days, the participants will get up to speed with the possibilities of genomics and transcriptomics, proteomics, imaging and metabolomics. The teachers are researchers from ErasmusMC, LUMC and Leiden University with lots of hands-on experience in their field.The course is aimed at PhD students and young postdocs who want to get acquainted with the possibilities of different technologies.

Note: It is possible to participate all four days but also  to choose to follow one, two or three days of your interest.

Programme Overview

Monday 18 januari 2016:  “Genomics & Transcriptomics”
Organizers: Dr. W van IJcken, ErasmusMC, Rotterdam en Dr. H.P.J. Buermans, HG, Leiden

Tuesday 19 Januari 2016:  “Proteomics”
Organizers: Dr. J. Demmers, ErasmusMC, Rotterdam, Dr. P. Hensbergen, LUMC, Leiden

Wednesday 20 januari 2016: “Imaging”
Organizers: Prof. A. B. Houtsmuller (morning) , dr. W.A. van Capellen(morning), Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Prof. Dr. C. Lowik (afternoon), LUMC, Leiden

Thursday 21 januari 2016: “Metabolomics”
Organizers: Thomas Hankemeier en Loes Beijersbergen, LACDR, UL

Target audience:

The course is meant for PhD students who just started their research or who are not familiar with the different topics.

Date: January 18 – 21, 2106

More information on the website.