Life Sciences with Industry 2015 Lorentz workshop

We invite PhD students and postdocs from all branches of the life sciences that like to participate in the one-week Life Sciences with Industry 2015 Lorentz workshop in Leiden: November 16 – 20, 2015. During the workshop, the about 40 participants tackle in groups of eight six scientifically challenging and commercially important problems formulated by six companies.

The workshop will take place in Leiden in the building of the Lorentz Center, an organisation that is specialised in organising scientific workshops.
To create multi-disciplinary teams, participants will be selected based on their (i) specific background in the life sciences, (ii) motivation to participate, and (iii) date of registration.

Registration on the workshop website
Deadline: Sunday October 18, 2015

Participation is free of charge, including hotel accommodation during the workshop. Also lunches and two workshop dinners are covered. The workshop is sponsored by the Lorentz Center, the BioSB research school, STW and the companies involved.

Need more information?
Contact Yousra Jaddour at the Lorentz Center: or +31-71-527 5578.

The organisers
Dr. Ellen Feddes (STW)
Dr. Gökhan Ertaylan (MaCSBio, Maastricht University)
Dr. Jurgen R. Haanstra (VU University Amsterdam)
Prof. em. Dr. Roel van Driel (University of Amsterdam)

Six industrial challenges Life Sciences with Industry 2015

  1. New possibilities for developing disease-resistant plants
    Bejo Zaden B.V.
  2. Technologies to modulate galactosylation and fucosylation in human antibodies production in clonal cell lines
    Bioceros B.V.
  3. Isolation of phospholipids from fresh cow milk
    Nutricia Danone
  4. Applications of a novel low-cost/disposable high resolution and sensitive detector in health and biotechnology
    NXP Semiconductors B.V.
  5. Quantifying the quality of light for human-centric lighting solutions: how to objectively measure (visual) comfort and well-being
    Philips Research
  6. Automated 3D imaging and analysis systems to measure plant volume and other critical parameters of seed germination and seedling establishment