How to make sense out of your RNA-Seq/microarray data

This is a 5-day course on gene expression data analysis using R, databases and Cytoscape (5th day, also offered as separate course). The course is tailored for biomedical researchers with gene expression data from RNA sequencing or microarray experiments. The course is also useful for bioinformaticians to get an introduction to this specific field of data analysis and the types of biological questions addressed.

Date: 3-7 July 2017

The course is intensive, and covers the basic concepts and methods required for expression analysis including experimental design, normalization, exploration, testing and interpretation. Presentations are followed by hands-on computer sessions to directly apply and get more insight in the analysis methods.

We expect the participants to be familiar with the lab technologies and we do not cover the mapping of sequence reads. Basic knowledge of R is required.

Course coordinator: Judith Boer (Erasmus MC – Sophia Children’s Hospital)

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