MGC Course ‘Technology Facilities’

The course will deal with four topics:

Day 1 – Genomics and Transcriptomics
Organizers: Dr. W. van IJcken, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, and Dr. H.P.J. Buermans, and Prof. Dr. J. den Dunnen, LUMC, Leiden

Day 2 – Proteomics
Organizers: Dr. J. Demmers, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam and Dr. P. Hensbergen, LUMC, Leiden

Day 3 – Live cell imaging (half day)
Organizer: Dr. G. van Cappellen and Prof. Dr. A. B. Houtsmuller, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam

Day 4 – Metabolomics
Organizer: Prof. Dr. T. Hankemeier, Leiden Academic Centre for Research (LACDR) – division Toxicology, University Leiden

Date: 21-24 February 2017

Target group: The course is directed primarily at PhD students who just started their research or are not familiar with the different topics but other participants are welcome too. One can also subscribe for individual days.

There is a minimum of 14 and a maximum of 40 places. The course is free of charge for all personnel from MGC institutes. Participants from outside these institutes pay €350 including lunches. Registration costs for a single day is €100.

Course website: