Molecular Diagnostics

This course will present the state-of-the-art of Molecular Diagnostics, as applied in many areas of healthcare, such as Clinical Genetics, Infectious Diseases, Complex Diseases, Forensic Science, and a broad spectrum of oncological adaptations. The course is intended for translational researchers as well as doctors and medical specialists operating outside of their initial field of research, but also PhD-students and technicians are welcome. This course is a yearly updated version of the first issues organized from 2007 on. It will be given in English.

Date: Sep 9 – 10, 2014

Target audience: Biologists; Clinical researchers; Medical doctors; Molecular biologists; Pharmacologists; Research assistants

Program: The course starts with 3 presentations on basic molecular techniques:

  • PCR and real-time, quantitative PCR;
  • DNA sequencing; basic technologies;
  • Next generation Sequencing (NGS);

Followed by 1,5 day on the applications in various fields.

Keywords: Molecular Diagnostics; Phylogeny; Pharmacogenetics; Basic Molecular techniques; Applications of Molecular Diagnostics; PCR; RNA Expression; Microarrays; High Throughput Sequencing; DNA Sequencing; Next Generation Sequencing; Real-time PCR

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