Introduction to the statistical language [R] for molecular biology

Due to technological advances in molecular biology (genomics, large-scale systems biology) research in the life sciences is becoming increasingly data rich. Currently, appropriate analyses of large-scale datasets (proteomics, genomes, Htseq, RNAseq, ChIPseq, etc) are a limiting factor. The aim of this course is to give a basic training in R for molecular biologists. R is a widely used software environment for statistical computing and provides a wide variety of libraries for data manipulation, modeling and visualization.

Date: Jan 12-16, 2015

Target audience: This course is open for Master and PhD students.

Program: The course will give an introduction to R and Rstudio, an integrated development environment for R. Throughout the course you will use a single data set to take you through the basic functionality of R and Rstudio in an interactive fashion. Supplemented with several commonly used libraries, plotting and analyses routines and supporting data sets this will familiarize students with R and at the same time show the value of using R for analyzing and visualising large amounts of data. At the beginning of the course you will be given a programming assignment that has to be handed in at the end of the course, based upon which a grade will be given.

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