Nutrigenomics studies in humans: from epidemiology to intervention

In this course, three modules will highlight progress made with respect to nutrigenomics research tools and strategies. Attendants of this course will have gained insight in how the use of nutrigenomics has advanced our understanding of the relationship between diet and health, compared with more traditional research strategies.

Date: Sep 7-9, 2014

Target audience: PhD students working on nutrigenomic projects handling human/mouse/rat transcriptomics/proteomics/metabolomics datasets. Please note that the focus of the postgraduate course will be on human projects.

Module 1: Nutrigenomics and new biomarkers of efficacy and food intake
Module 2: Nutrigenomics and the new definition of health
Module 3: Nutrigenomics and personalised nutrition

In each module, two short introductory lectures will set the scene, after which participants will be asked, in groups, to address a set of research questions for research projects aiming to advance our knowledge and insights in the respective areas, and by doing so to contribute to the European Research Area.

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