Python best-practices in research course

Researchers are bad at creating software. Therefore DTL partner Data Computing launches a Python best-practices course. Subscribe and learn real Python programming.

Academic ‘professor-ware’ is a serious problem. Published research gets retracted, research becomes stale and can’t be deciphered after a PhD has left and, worst-case, the code leads to security breaches or data loss. It’s actually so bad, research software has its own software license warning you for all the badness: the CRAPL.

Jokes aside, we at Data Computing think this is a terrible waste of resources! And it can be cured easily. Our mission is to bring you the knowledge you need to build better and sustainable software. In September we are launching our all new Python Best-Practices course. A course has been planned for 5-7 October 2016 and we are trying to schedule one in September as well.

You already know the syntax, now we will teach you how to code efficiently and robustly.

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