Python for life scientists

Tailored for life scientists with little or no prior programming experience, this course, organized by ENPICOM, is driven by real-life use cases. Participants will learn by doing, completing snippets of code that they will be able to reuse in their everyday tasks. Extensive use of Python Notebooks will encourage participants to annotate and document the code, building the basis for a sound and reproducible methodology for data analysis.s.

Date: 10-11 November 2016

Target group
All life scientists with no or little programming experience, but who are interested in learning python to automatize their everyday workflow.
If you do have some programming experience, this course is still useful if you want to learn the basics of python and some useful python tricks.

Right for you if any of these applies:

  • Life science background
  • Interested in starting analysing your own data
  • Interested in learning how to automate boring tasks with computer scripts
  • Interested in increasing your career opportunities with programming skills
  • Little or no programming experience