R2 – Genomics analysis and visualization platform

R2 is a publicly accessible web-based program (http://r2.amc.nl) allowing biomedical researchers, without bioinformatics training, to integrate clinical and genomics data.

To help researchers get started, the department of Oncogenomics is organizing a 1 day introduction workshop with hands-on training on Monday June 19th (09:30-17:00). The workshop will cover the essentials of working with genomics data in R2 and will be an excellent opportunity to learn how to use this versatile tool.

Course date: 19 June 2017

If your department is:
Studying a specific pathway in disease
Trying to find biomarkers in specific tissue
Investigating the function of a specific protein
Involved in any kind of molecular biology

Then this workshop may be of interest to you.

Course page: https://hgserver1.amc.nl/cgi-bin/r2/main.cgi?option=about_intro_workshop