Share and Flourish: New Standards for Data Sharing in the Neurosciences

Data sharing has many benefits. It makes science more open and inclusive, it improves reproducibility, it enables more powerful statistical analysis, it promotes re-use of data, and it facilitates the development of new analysis methods. Virtually all researchers in neuroscience realize this and support data sharing in principle, but not in practice.
The mission of the workshop is to identify and resolve issues that prevent data sharing, and to write a white paper that contains recommendations for policy and decision makers.

Date: Aug 18-22, 2014

Target audience: Participants are drawn from six categories: scientists, publishers, granting agencies, infrastructure providers, open science advocates and valorization experts.

Program: In preparation of the workshop, stakeholders with different backgrounds have been invited for a one hour interview by the Dutch “SNID” working group. In the first two workshop days, we will discuss the outcomes of these interviews in small groups, and draft sections of the white paper. The next two days are open discussion days in which keynote speakers present use cases and ideas to a wider audience, with ample room for feedback. On the fifth day we put the pieces together and prepare the report for presentation at the Neuroinformatics Congress, which is held in Leiden in the consecutive week.

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