Single-Cell Analysis

This week-long course will cover the practicalities of single-cell sample prep and analysis with a particular focus on single-cell RNA-seq libraries. 

Course coordinators:

  • Dr. Susan Kloet (LUMC)
  • Dr. Miao-Ping Chien (Erasmus MC)
  • Dr. Ahmed Mahfouz (LUMC)

Course Credits:
The study load of this course is 2 ECTS credits. Participants will get a certificate after successfully completing this course.

Course overview:
The course features a mix of lectures and practicals, and you will have the opportunity to perform hands-on analysis of scRNA-seq data in R. Topics to be covered in the course include (but not limited to): an overview of different single cell platforms, experimental design, preprocessing of scRNA-seq data, normalization, dimensionality reduction, clustering, batch correction, differential expression, trajectory inference. The fifth day of the course will be a mini-symposium featuring guest lectures from scientists using various single-cell techniques in their research.

Target audience:
This course is aimed at both wet-lab researchers interested in learning how to analyze their own single-cell data sets, as well as bioinformaticians who are new to single-cell sequencing analysis. Basic knowledge of the programming language R is a prerequisite for participation in the course.

More information:
For more information about the course programme you can check the program from 2021 or contact dr. Ahmed Mahfouz.


A first selection will be made among the registrations by September 1st. We will inform you a.s.a.p. if you are selected for the course. If you are selected for the course, you will receive a link for final registration and payment for the course.

The course fee is 400 Euro excl. 21% VAT.

The course is free of charge for all personnel of MGC associated institutes. If you are personnel of a MGC associated institute, please register via the MGC website!

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