Successful Planning of Large Data Generating Experiments

Since recent years, biologists are joining the big-data club. Due to the strong growth of high-throughput Omics technologies, life scientists are under the continuous pressure to deal with massive data sets, encountering challenges when having to handle, process and move data.

This workshop is organized with the aim of providing a proper foundation once planning large data generating experiments. With the focus of giving practical recommendations and valuable tips and tricks, the following areas will be covered during the workshop.

  • Think before you start
  • Know your experiment: profile the method/instrument for typical error sizes (biological, technical), consistency of performance, …
  • Suitable Experimental design: randomization, sample size, power analysis, …
  • Data Types and post-acquisition quality control
  • Organizing effective collaborations between wet-lab and dry-lab biologists for setting up a data analysis strategy and pipeline
  • Are there existing datasets available that can be used to answer your questions. Where to find these?
  • Construction of a data analysis plan

The training intends to have fruitful interactions between speakers and participants and will be followed by a 2 day conference on Applied Bioinformatics in Life Sciences, a VIB Conference.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Judith Boer (Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam, NL)
  • Rekin’s Janky (VIB Nucleomics Core, BE)
  • Jonathan Mangoin (Thermo Fisher Scientific, UK)
  • Stuart Maudsley (VIB Department of Molecular Genetics, University of Antwerp, BE)
  • Peter-Bram ‘t Hoen (Leiden University Medical Center, Leiden, NL)
  • Wouter Van Delm (VIB Nucleomics Core, BE)
  • Silvie Van den Hoecke (VIB Medical Biotechnology Center, UGent, BE)
  • Dries Vaneechoutte (VIB Department of Plant Systems Biology, UGent, BE)
  • Dries Verdegem (VIB Vesalius Research Center, KU Leuven, BE)
  • Luc Wouters (Statistical Consultant, BE)

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