Training on (automated) machine learning for Life Sciences & Health

Date: 16 July 2020, 9:00-16:00 – Online course

Recent developments in various information and communication technologies have led to many new opportunities in the Life Sciences & Health (LSH) sector. To benefit from these developments and fully grasp these new opportunities, professionals (researchers as well as practitioners) working in this sector should further develop their digital skills, especially those with respect to concerning data science.

In the context of the Helis Academy, and as part of its data analysis and stewardship program, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and its partners provide a series of training sessions for (aspiring) professionals in the LSH sector on various methods, techniques, tools and best-practices related to data science, including “statistics“, “data mining using (automated) machine learning“, “process-aware data mining using process mining“, “deep learning using neural networks” and “visual analytics“.

About the training

This online program, designed by TU/e and its partners, equips you with knowledge needed to transform your career. Through an engaging mix of introductions to key concepts and technologies, business insights and examples, you’ll explore the reality of data science technologies today and how they can be harnessed to support your work. Focusing on key data science technologies, such as machine learning, the program helps you understand to implications of these new technologies for the future of the LSH sector.

This online program is unique as it provides ample opportunity for you to interact with experts of TU/e as well as with the experienced experts from industry and to get new insights first-hand from them. We provide the opportunity to get insights on theorycurrent practice in industry and expected possible future practice in industry within just one day, right from behind your own PC.

Additionally, before the session we provide personal technical assistance on getting software up and running on your own PC and during the session we provide Dutch language support.

What will you learn?!

At the end of the training, you should be able to identify and explain the key concepts of (automated) machine learning, to outline its use in practice, to use one or more relevant techniques and tools in LSH context using minimal guidance, to apply these to your own work with limited guidance, identify and assess the benefits of (automated) machine learning for a sustained career in the LSH sector, and to identify and describe gaps in your competence profile.

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