DTL acts as the Dutch node of ELIXIR, the European data infrastructure for the life sciences. ELIXIR unites Europe’s leading life science organisations in managing and safeguarding the increasing volume of data generated by publicly funded research.

ELIXIR is organised in 5 “Platforms”: Data, Tools, Compute, Interoperability and Training. Within these, ELIXIR-NL has three focus areas: compute and storage infrastructuredata interoperability, and training & education. For the Data and Tools platform we do not have a coordinated effort, but any ELIXIR-NL participant who is maintaining a tool is suggested to make sure it is listed in the Bio.Tools catalogue and labeled with “ELIXIR-NL”.

The five ELIXIR platforms each have their own development programme. They also work together with the ELIXIR Communities. Many of the ELIXIR Communities have representation from ELIXIR-NL.

Central to many of ELIXIR-NL’s activities are the FAIR Data principles (i.e., research data should be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable for both humans and machines).