Training and education

Coordination: Jaap Heringa (VU) and Celia van Gelder (DTL, BioSB)


The ELIXIR-NL training capabilities selected from within the DTL Learning community are offered in close alignment with the Dutch communities in bioinformatics, computational biology, medical informatics and e-science. ELIXIR-NL thus builds upon extensive experience and capacity in bioinformatics training developed within the Dutch bioinformatics community (NBIC) over recent years, now being continued  in the Netherlands Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Research School ( The next step is to leverage broad education & training capabilities of the broader DTL partnership in a comprehensive portfolio.


ELIXIR-NL will contribute to the development of new courses focusing on ELIXIR tools & services in general, especially related to the scientific focal areas of the Dutch ELIXIR node: training related to (1) standards & tools for data interoperability and exchange (including data capture, integration and exchange, interoperability, data stewardship);  and (2) compute and storage services (both for life science users and for data experts). Furthermore, we have the ambition to set up a course series leading to the predicate “life science data expert”.

ELIXIR-NL will help consolidate existing and future training efforts by ELIXIR. We will share our training content (course material & complete trainings), trainers, as well as our expertise and best-practices in developing, coordinating and organizing a training programme.

International Collaboration

In the framework of this ELIXIR-NL Training and Education workstream, DTL-associated groups collaborate closely with virtually all other ELIXIR nodes, building from existing relationships with EBI, SIB and the UK. International training efforts in ELIXIR will also be closely aligned with GOBLET, the Global Organisation for Bioinformatics Learning, Education and Traning.