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ELIXIR-NL offers the following ELIXIR Services to its ELIXIR partners:

Bring Your Own Data workshops (BYODs)

  • BYODs are three-day events where experts from different fields assist you in making your research data FAIR. The main goal is to make your data FAIR using linked data technology, and to combine your data with other FAIR datasets to answer a scientific question.
  • Type of service: Interoperability, Training
  • Contact persons: Mascha Jansen, Marco Roos
  • More information:

Consulting & Expertise

  • The ELIXIR-NL network harbours expertise on subjects ranging from data processing and analysis to curation. In addition, we have connections to existing research infrastructures like EUDAT. This expertise is available to research projects and organisations.
  • Type of service: Compute, Interoperability, Tools
  • Contact person: Rob Hooft
  • More information: Rob Hooft

FAIR Tools

Help desk


  • Open source software underlying the technology for SURF’s single sign-on and facilitating national and international online collaboration in education and research. OpenConext provides the building blocks to set up a collaboration infrastructure in which federated authentication is used to gain access to services and applications that are to be linked (Software underlying the technology for SURF’s single sign-on); identity providers and service providers can exchange standardised attributes; group information can be exchanged; and self-service components can be applied.
  • Type of service: Compute
  • Contact person: Niels van Dijk
  • More information:


  • Training and training materials available are listed in the DTL course catalogue and automatically copied to TeSS. Training and materials are developed on a diverse range of topics identified as needs in the node, and are available under comparable conditions for national and international participation.
  • Type of service: Training
  • Contact person: Celia van Gelder
  • More information: