Get involved

ELIXIR-NL aspires to be an inclusive organisation. In principle, all activities in the realm of life science data in the Netherlands can be considered part of ELIXIR-NL, provided that the institute involved is a DTL partner. We therefore invite you to bring your life science data-related resources, tools, services, and initiatives to our attention.

  • Contact Rob Hooft for more information about getting involved.

ELIXIR-NL may incorporate your resource or initiative at different levels:

  1. Endorsement: ELIXIR-NL can endorse your initiative and report about it on the DTL/ELIXIR-NL website if we consider it a good initiative. An ELIXIR-NL endorsement may increase your chances to obtain funding for your initiative, either through an ELIXIR Implementation Study or through other funding sources.
  2. Assistance in fund acquisition: If your idea fits in ELIXIR-NL’s plans and strategy, but still requires funding, we might be able to assist you in writing a proposal for an ELIXIR Implementation Study, which may be funded through the ELIXIR Hub.
  3. Incorporation as a formal ELIXIR service. Your resource may be considered an ELIXIR service if it meets a number of requirements. The ELIXIR Handbook of Operations describes the required level of service & support for ELIXIR services. In addition, you should have funding to keep the service alive for a longer period and thus guarantee some continuity. All formal ELIXIR services are incorporated in the ELIXIR-NL service delivery plan, which describes what services are offered to ELIXIR by the node. This plan can be updated through a formal process that includes a review by the ELIXIR Heads of Nodes Committee and the ELIXIR Scientific Advisory Board. You can follow this link to see which Dutch services are formal ELIXIR services at present.
  4. Incorporation as an ELIXIR core resource/service. ELIXIR Core Data Resources are defined as a set of European data resources that are of fundamental importance to the wider life-science community and the long-term preservation of biological data. This is described in the F1000 Research paper ‘Identifying ELIXIR Core Data Resources‘.