Health-RI Conference 2020

At this year’s Health-RI conference, leading experts will highlight how data is helping us to remain healthy, and how it can drive us towards a healthy future. Continue reading


The FAIRstival is the opportunity to exchange knowledge on the implementation of FAIR data principles  and the Personal Health Train. The FAIRstival is hosted by the Health-RI conference, organized on January 30, 2020 in the Jaarbeurs Supernova in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Continue reading

VIB Conference: Applied Bioinformatics in Life Sciences (3rd edition)

Bioinformatics has quickly become an integral part of life sciences research by enabling innovative computational approaches in an increasingly data-dense environment. VIB (a non-profit life sciences research institute) is organizing this third edition to highlight recent developments in bioinformatics research, and to showcase its impact in medical, agricultural, and biotechnological research. Continue reading

NL-RSE meetup

The mission of the NL-RSE meetups (formerly known as Programmers meetings) is to encourage collaboration and communication between Research Software Engineers in the Netherlands. Continue reading

VIB Conference: Translational Immunology

The aim of this conference is to bridge the translational gap in immunopathology, bringing together clinicians, research scientists and industry partners to discuss prominent advances from the bench to the clinic. The different sessions will have a particular focus on precision medicine in general, starting from disease-oriented cases and lessons learned. Innovative and alternative therapeutic strategies in immune-mediated disorders will be presented, besides the regulatory challenges that companies and researchers are dealing with. Continue reading

Benelux Metabolomics Days 2020

On Thursday April 2 and Friday April 3 2020, the Netherlands Metabolomics Centre will organize the Benelux Metabolomics Days in Maastricht, The Netherlands. The meeting aims to bring together the Metabolomics community in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and we will likely have some visitors as well from Germany. Continue reading

BioSB 2020 – 6th Dutch Bioinformatics & Systems Biology Conference

BioSB 2020 offers a 2-day programme that will be highly diverse, featuring keynote lectures, parallel thematic sessions, poster session, and an entertaining evening programme with lots of opportunities for networking. The participants will discuss the latest developments in bioinformatics, systems and computational biology, and their wide-ranging applications in life sciences & health, agriculture, food & nutrition. Continue reading

Life2020 – Networks in Life

Life is a unique annual congress covering all disciplines and scales in the Dutch Life Sciences, from femtometer to kilometer, from cell to planet. Life2020 stands for high quality science, inspiration, discussion, exploration, connection, networking and knowledge utilisation under the heading Networks in Life. For an impression of what Life is all about view the aftermovie and pictures of Life2019, the previous successful edition, at  Continue reading