Open Science Festival

The online Festival will include an interactive hybrid panel session,  lots of community led sessions, pre-festival workshops in the morning, an online marketplace and virtual social drinks. Continue reading

Health-RI conference 2021

Join us on the afternoon of March 4th 2021. This time, the annual Health-RI conference will take place online! The conference will feature keynote speakers, flash talks, a general Health-RI update and a poster/demo, and exhibitor network session.  Continue reading

RDA 17th Plenary Meeting

RDA’s plenary meetings provide an opportunity for it’s diverse collaboration to make rapid progress in all areas of its work – initiating and joining new working groups, sharing interim results from in-progress work, identifying areas of overlap and synergy, and presenting completed work and successful stories of its adoption. The outputs developed by RDA groups all aim to ensure that data can be shared and reused, and made more open, in global and cross-domain environments. Continue reading

NWO Life2021 – connections

Life2021, the NWO conference for the Dutch Life Sciences will be a digital conference. Save the afternoons of 26, 27 and 28 May! We are honored to announce that Pablo Tittonell, Edith Heard, John Duncan and John Cryan have confirmed their contribution. Continue reading

ELIXIR Biohackathon

The next ELIXIR Biohackathon will be organized on 8-12 November 2021