Pistoia President’s Series – Deep Learning Hackathon

The Pistoia Alliance want to bring the deep / machine learning community together with the life-science and healthcare industry to demonstrate the potential of deep learning to aid drug discovery and bring new life saving treatments to the world. Continue reading

Honorary Doctorate Seminar by Dr. Peer Bork

The Utrecht Bioinformatics Centre cordially invites you for a seminar by Peer Bork entitled “Deciphering function and evolution of biological systems”, on the occasion of receiving an Honorary Doctorate at Utrecht University the day before. Continue reading

BBMRI-omics: Introduction and Hands-on Application

We would like to invite you for the two day event ‘BBMRI-omics: Introduction and Hands-on Application’. During a 2-day program researchers can get acquainted with the data BBMRI-omics has on offer for the research community. On the first day, a series of lectures will introduce the wide spectrum of omics data present within BBMRI (from genomics to metabolomics, from methylomics to transcriptomics), and how this data infrastructure will help unraveling disease mechanisms and risk stratification. Continue reading

CROP Innovation & Business 2017

The upcoming CROP Innovation & Business conference will host the leaders of the international plant breeding industry like DuPont Pioneer, Monsanto, Takii seed, KWS Saat SE, Bayer Crop Science, Syngenta, Limagrain, Rijk Zwaan and Enza zaden. Conference theme 2017: How R&D-insights lead to new products and solutions that help solve the big societal challenges. Continue reading

Lorentz workshop: Life Sciences with Industry 2017

Are you a young scientist with a background in the life sciences or a related research field and do you have a creative and inquisitive mind? Do you like to think outside-the-box? Do you want to meet new people from other disciplines, including mathematics, physics, chemistry and engineering? If yes, apply for the fourth ‘Life Sciences with Industry’ Lorentz workshop.

Continue reading

BioSB 2017 Conference

The BioSB 2017 conference discusses the latest developments in bioinformatics, systems and computational biology and interrelated disciplines, and their wide-ranging applications in life sciences & health, agriculture, food & nutrition. Continue reading

National DNA Lab Day

The fifth edition of the national DNA lab day for Dutch high school teachers will take place on 7 April 2017 in de Reehorst in Ede. Continue reading

BioSB Hot Topics meeting: ONT Nanopore sequencing

Nanopore sequencing has been revolutionizing the sequencing arena for the last few years. The last decade, sequencing went from highly-specialized to a commodity product that can be readily purchased from a specialty provider. ONT has taken this again a step further and is now enabling anyone to get into ‘do-it-yourself’ sequencing. Sequencing now requires no capital investment, very little in lab setup and anybody with a steady hand can start to generate data. Continue reading

IBS 6th Channel Network Conference

This biennual conference is organized by the IBS regions Belgium, France, Great-Britain/Ireland and the Netherlands. This conference aims at gathering biostatisticians to discuss the newest statistical methodology for the analysis of biological and medical data. It is a 3-day conference with 2 courses, invited and contributed sessions. Continue reading

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