BYOD Agrogenomics: interoperability in genetic biodiversity

The DTL agrogenomics team organises an BYOD party, together with the Virtual Laboratory of Plant Breeding community (VLPB) and the Centre for Genetic Resources (CGN). The aim of this BYOD party is to translate the following datasets into a FAIR format:

      1.  Variant data from tomato and several related wild species,
      2. Data describing accessions (Passport data) from CGN, and
      3. Phenotype data from CGN and PBR.

Once these datasets are made FAIR, we aim to develop a prototype. During this party, representatives from three plant breeding companies (Enza, Rijk Zwaan, and Syngenta) will be present to learn about the FAIR data principles, and join in the efforts to translate the here fore mentioned datasets into the FAIR data format.

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