Biosemantics topic of 10th LCDS meeting

The 10th meeting of Leiden Centre of Data Science will focus on biosemantics.

During the meeting on January 14th the new possibilities within the field of BioSemantics will be showcased. The LUMC BioSemantics group investigates and applies methods from the field of information science to help understand the mechanisms underlying human genetic diseases. The research group is a strong driver of the ‘FAIR’ data initiative, whose principles help to ensure that data is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable by both humans and computers. Speakers include Jaap Heringa (VU), Paul Groth (Elsevier), Fons Verbeek (LIACS, Leiden University), Erik Schultes (LUMC), and Aram Krol (Euretos)

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