BIUP Company visit: Genetwister

The BioInformatics Industrial User Platform (BIUP) is a group of Dutch companies that use bioinformatics expertise and tools in research and product development. It aims at being an open platform for knowledge exchange and informal discussions.

On 27 January 2017 BIUP will organise a company visit to Genetwister in Wageningen.

This afternoon will bring together companies interested in bioinformatics and share experiences through a few presentations and discussions. This afternoon programme starts at 15:00 and will be concluded at ca 17:00 with drinks and networking opportunities.

Registration is closed (max. number of participants: 20!).

Note: there are two open slots for presentations and we encourage participants to apply for a talk and briefly outline the proposed subject.

Meeting details:BIUP2

  • Date: 27 January 2017
  • Time: 15:00 – 17:00h
  • Location: Genetwister Technologies B.V., Nieuwe Kanaal 7b, 6709 PA, Wageningen

We are looking forward to meet you at Genetwister in Wageningen!

Antoine Janssen – Keygene
Emiel Ver Loren van Themaat – DSM
Walter Pirovano – BaseClear


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