Cloud Workshop for Life Sciences

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together representatives of the life science research community with service providers from both within and outside the life science community such as European public e-Infrastructures and projects. ELIXIR, the European Research Infrastructure for Life Sciences, is expected to provide (either directly or through partnerships) a suite of integrated services to meet the needs of life science researchers across Europe. A major focus over the next few years will be the establishment of the ELIXIR Technical Services to meet the needs of ELIXIR’s prioritised use cases and to support other activities. ELIXIR expects to deliver its Technical Services in partnership with the public sector e-Infrastructure community, commercial service providers and elsewhere alongside services coming from the ELIXIR Nodes themselves.

The expected attendees at the workshop are cloud service providers offering life science specific and generic cloud infrastructure and life scientists who have plans to use or are already adopting cloud infrastructures and services to support their work. By bringing these communities together, the workshop will help inform the life science community about the cloud services that are available for them to use now, and that might emerge in the future as part of ELIXIR’s activities.

The workshop will be open, but registration is required but will be free. Ind more information about the programme and registration here:

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