Collaboration in metabolomics education

This DTL Learning meeting will discuss about the possibilities of setting up a national “curriculum” of Metabolomics courses between different academic centres.

Starting point discussions: 
Metabolomics covers a continuously widening array of analytical, statistical and analysis methodologies and application domains. Students of metabolomics need to become acquainted with many techniques and become knowledgeable in several types of application. Educational activities in metabolomics are now quite diverse and scattered, with a different focus in each institution, depending on local expertise and needs. For any single group it is difficult to offer the broad training that fits the full scope of metabolomics. We also see that more and more centres are interested in metabolomics and its application, and have a lot to offer with regard to training and education.

We recognize the potential of a national collaboration in metabolomics education through a coherent program in which different expertise areas are represented by people from different locations. We believe that by joining forces, a better and more complete range of courses can be offered while limiting the efforts required from individual persons teaching.

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