Combined CHARME–EMBnet and NETTAB 2016 Workshop

Reproducibility, standards and SOP in bioinformatics

Combined CHARME – EMBnet and NETTAB 2016 Workshop, October 25-26, 2016, Rome, Italy

The Workshop ‘Reproducibility, standards and SOP in bioinformatics‘ is co-organised by the COST European Action CHARME (CA15110), EMBnet (The Global Bioinformatics Network) and NETTAB (International Workshop Series on Network Tools and Applications for Biology). It is hosted by the ELIXIR-ITA Node and will be held at the Italian CNR (National Research Council) head quarter, in Rome.

The workshop will be preceded by a GOBLET/ELIXIR-ITA Tutorial and a ELIXIR Hacktahon on Monday 24th.

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