Data Steward Knowledge and Skills Workshop

A working meeting with and for the Data Steward Community

  • Dates: Two one-day workshops. First one June 11 & the second one on June 12 June 2019
    Maximum participants per day: 25
  • Location: Holland Heart House, Utrecht
  • Registration: you can register via this registration form. Registration is free of charge, lunch is included.
  • Time: 10:00 -16:00 h

Target audience
Data stewards, data managers, policy makers, HR persons, funders and all other stakeholders that are interested to share their expertise in Data Stewardship, want to get updated about the work that is going on, and want to contribute to the next steps that will be taken. Although the main focus is for the Life Sciences domain, our work on the competencies and skills of the data stewards is rather generic and also useful for other disciplines. Therefore participants from other disciplines are very welcome to join.

Goal of the meeting
In a ZonMw- funded project where we are working on defining the profession, skills and training needs of Data Stewards in the life sciences. All the output of the project produced so far can be found on Zenodo. It is our ambition to produce tangible outputs, that can be used and implemented in the organisations. To achieve these goals it is crucial to get input from the community. In this way we make further steps in defining community-endorsed outcomes and decide together which next steps are needed to improve data stewardship function descriptions, capacity, visibility, recognition and training in the Netherlands. As a data steward, you will meet your peers, expand your network, and will be able to get insight in the current status of Data Stewardship in the Netherlands.

Programme for both June 11 and June 12 

09.30 Registration open

10.00 Welcome & Introduction (Celia van Gelder, DTL)

  • Introduction of the project  (15 min)
  • Who is in the audience? (15 min)

10.30 Working session 1: Your job description & role (Salome Scholtens, UMC Groningen)

  • Introduction of the Function Matrix and the Venn Diagram (10 min)
  • Interactive session to positioning yourself in the Data Stewardship landscape (30-45 min)
    Do you recognize your own role, what is your position in your organisation, does your job description match our derived function profile? What are you missing?

11.30 Coffee break

12.00 Working session 2: Your knowledge, skills and abilities (Mijke Jetten, Radboud University)

  • Introduction of the Knowledge, skills and learning objectives (10 min)
  • Interactive session in groups to analyze specific part of the KSA table
  • Report back from breakout groups

13.00 Lunch

13.45 Working session 3: Your training (tbc)

  • Introduction of the Training related plans (10 min)
  • Workshop session

14.30 Coffee break

15.00 Working session 4: What’s next (tbc)

  • What are the next steps to be taken by the policy makers in organisations/institutes, funders, HR?

15.45 Wrap up

  • Conclusions of the meeting & next steps

16.00 End of meeting


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