DTL-SURF Focus meeting: Data storage beyond your project’s lifetime

Increasing amounts of data are being generated in Life Science Projects. These data need to be stored and backed up in an easily accessible way during the project. After the project finishes, it needs to be reliably archived, often allowing for reuse and sharing. There is a wide range of solutions to tackle this problem. Sometimes local storage at the institute, university or medical centre is available. Other options include national infrastructure (SURFsara), and commercial service providers (Amazon, Google, Microsoft). Each of them come with a different pricing and payment model.

Researchers often budget data storage costs in project proposals during the running project, but cannot sustain it after the project finishes. How to approach this problem? At this meeting, we will discuss available solutions and take a closer look at the functionality of SURFsara Data Archive and the ways to fund it during and after the project lifetime. We will also learn how VU Medical Center approaches it.


  • “Carried away by the heritage of data-rich research” Arjen Brinkman (Radboud University)
  • “You want to store your data in … what? For how long? For how much!” Brett Olivier (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
  • “Cost-efficient data storage and archiving” Patrick Dekkers (VU Medical Center)
  • Sara Ramezani (SURFsara)

Chair: Maria Cruz (RDM Community Manager Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Meeting details:

    • Date: 23 January 2019
    • Time: 13:00 – 17:00
    • Where: SURF office in Utrecht: address: Kantoren Hoog Overborch Hoog Catharijne Nederland, Moreelsepark 48, 3511 EP Utrecht
    • Registration is free of charge, but required via the registration form

The meeting starts at 13:00 with coffee and ends at 16:00 with drinks!


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