Dresden Summerschool in Systems Biology

Computational methods are rapidly gaining importance in all fields of biology. Computational data analysis, modeling, and simulation are on the way to become as indispensable to the life sciences as mathematics is to physics.

This school provides lectures and tutored hands-on training in spatiotemporal modeling and simulation of biological systems for students with a computational/quantitative background. It is intended primarily for Master and Diploma students of Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, and related areas. The participants will learn about the specifics of biological systems, how to account for the geometry of a system and for transport in space. They will be introduced to powerful numerical simulation methods, and have enough time and supporting tutors to implement and try all of the taught concepts and methods themselves. Despite our focus on biological systems, the taught methods are generally applicable to any kind of spatiotemporal system, in order to:

• Analyze the dynamic behavior of systems with spatial structure,
• Formulate a model of the system behavior,
• Simulate the model in the computer using numerical methods.

School focus: Spatiotemporal modeling and simulation of biological systems: Biology in CyberSpace

August 2-9, 2015
EJBS Weisser Hirsch,
Dresden, Germany

Organized by the Center for Systems Biology Dresden (CSBD) and the International Max Planck Research School for Cell, Developmental and Systems Biology (IMPRS-CellDevoSys)
Prof. Dr. Ivo F. Sbalzarini – CSBD, TUD & MPI-CBG; mosaic.mpi-cbg.de

Dr. Birgit Knepper-Nicolai – MPI-CBG; knepper[at]mpi-cbg.de

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