DTL Focus meeting: NGS data sharing & repository

3 February 2014, SURF, Utrecht
13:00 – 17:00

We would like to invite interested people to a workshop on Next Generation Sequencing data storage and sharing.

The goal of this workshop is to discuss the best practice on storing, sharing and publishing NGS data, identify the common questions and issues, and then come up with a list of action points that can be tackled by the sequencing community within DTL.

A number of speakers will present the latest technical and organizational efforts, also leaving time for discussion so that all participants are able to contribute.


  • Ies Nijman (UMC Utrecht): “Joint NGS variant database in Center For Personalized Cancer Treatment” (http://www.cpct.nl/)
  • Ivo Fokkema/Martijn Vermaat (LUMC): “LOVD and Shared Diagnostic Variant Database”
  • Marc Rietveld/Morris Swertz (UMC Utrecht, UMCG): “Dutch medical research and clinical data infrastructure coordinated by NFU”
  • Justin Paschall (EBI): “Sharing NGS data, variants in European Genome Archive (EVA)”
  • Hendrik-Jan Megens (WUR): “Sharing ag-genomics data”
  • Anthony J Brookes (Leicester University): “Data Discovery and Knowledge Sharing: parts of the Data Sharing Continuu”

Find the detailed programme here.

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