DTL Focus meeting: Proteomics bioinformatics ‘Colims’

8 May 2014, VUmc Amsterdam
13:00 – 17:00

The main topic of this fourth DTL Focus meeting is ‘colims’, a system for storing mass spectrometry based proteomics data. The system is being developed by the group of Lennart Martens (Ghent University) and several members of his team will join the meeting. The most important goal of colims is to enable all sorts of research queries on your proteomics data. In addition to that, uploading data to the PRIDE proteomics repository from EBI (often a requirement for publications) is much easier after putting the metadata in colims.

We will also discuss several other smaller topics like for example quality control, and there is of course room for each participant to make suggestions.

Speakers & subjects:

  • Introduction (with coffee and tea) by Connie Jimenez (NPP steering committee, VUmc)
  • Experience with automatically generated QC graphs and metrics by Thang Pham (VUmc)
  • Development of MSRawStorage, an internal repository of raw mass spectrometry data by Henk van den Toorn (UU)
  • Presentation of the latest version of colims by Lennart Martens and/or members of his team (Ghent University)

Contact person for this meeting is Freek de Bruijn.

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