DTL Focus meeting: Research data repositories: requirements & solutions

3 March 2014, SURF, Utrecht
13:00 – 17:00

The big data era adds to the complexity of data environments and creates challenges in data management, stewardship, and resources to ensure data accessibility, stability and reliability. By all means research data repositories become an increasingly essential infrastructure component.

Researchers cope with questions like ‘how do I securely and redundantly store my data?’, ‘how can I make data searchable and interoperable?’. The goal of this workshop is to inform and discuss research data repositories for life sciences.The meeting includes talks presenting the requirements from life science domains, as well as possible data repository solutions, including those used for other sciences.

The meeting includes talks presenting the requirements from life science domains (next-generation sequencing, medical imaging), as well as possible data repository solutions. There will be plenty of time for all participants to contribute in the discussions.

Find the detailed programme here

The cooperation between partners within DTL will help to develop (an ecosystem) of data repositories that suits the requirements of the life science and health research community, including data sharing and exchange, data use and re-use, data discovery, stewardship and long-term preservation.

Contact person for this meeting is Irene Nooren, SURFsara.

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