DTL Focus meeting: workshop ‘peak capacity’

23 September 2013, SURF, Utrecht
13:00 – 17:00h

The goal of the workshop is to discuss how to deal with the “peak capacity” needs for computing in Life Sciences, both in academic as well as industrial research.

Should each organization be able to cope with their own highest concurrent needs for computing? Can we make use of spare capacity elsewhere? Should infrastructure be shared? Can we scale out to public clouds?

A few speakers will talk about different solutions they envision or are already working on, also leave time for discussion so that all participants can contribute.


  • Leon Mei, LUMC (Sequence Analysis Support Core): “Experimenting the scaling out of genomics analysis tasks using Lightpath and HPC Cloud”
  • Antoine Janssen, Keygene: “Dealing with computational peak loads in a commercial setting”
  • Irene Nooren & Jan Bot, SURFsara: “Scaling up to the National Level”
  • Oscar Wijsman & Peter Walgemoed, Dutch Health Hub: “The Dutch Health Hub a marketplace that connects Dutch datacenters with institutes to support research and innovation”

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