ETH Knowledge Exchange Workshop on FAIR implementation

  • Date: 21 November 2022, 13:00 – 17:00  
  • Location: In person meeting Utrecht Jaarbeurs / Beatrix building/ room to be announced 
  • Registration: via this form  

The ZonMW programme Enabling Technologies Hotels (ETH) has been set up in 2013 to provide wider access for life science researchers to high-end technologies and the connected expertise and infrastructure. One of the aims of the program is to “propagate the use of data stewardship and data integration principles, methods and standards in advanced multi-technology research projects”. In 2016 a first meeting on FAIR data stewardship and data management took place. As the program ends in 2022, this workshop focuses on the progress made with regards to the promotion of data stewardship and the implementation of the FAIR principles. Together we will assess the current status, identify common goals and discuss future activities. It is also an opportunity to highlight the Technology Hotels and the support they offer. The focus is on genomics, but the workshop is open and relevant for other technologies as well. 

13.00 Welcome, introduction to the ETH programme – Margreet Bloemers, ZonMw & Ruben Kok, DTL/Health-RI
13.30 Best practices of FAIR implementation 

  • USEQ (Utrecht Sequencing Facility) and FAIRness via the EGA – Anke Wegman, UMCU
    The Utrecht Sequencing facility ( offers access to state-of-the-art NGS and spatial omics technology and is open to all academic researchers. We have extensive experience in Illumina and Oxford Nanopore sequencing techniques, and recently added Nanostring GeoMX and CosMX to our portfolio (certified service provider Europe). In addition, we can offer consultancy, DNA/RNA isolations, fingerprinting and bioinformatics support. In this presentation, we will show you how to be FAIR after generating your datasets by storing these in a repository with restricted access for human genetic data, the EGA.
  • FAIR implementation at the Genomics Coordination Center, UMCG – Joeri van der Velde, Aneas Hodselmans
    The Genomics Coordination Center, lead by Prof. dr. Morris Swertz and hosted by the UMCG dept. of Genetics, is a diverse blend of about 40 people dedicated to rare disease & multi-omics, federations of cohorts & biobanks, virtual bioinformatics environments, and MOLGENIS FAIR data infrastructure. In this talk, we will highlight how our services and software are used to make life sciences data more FAIR and lessons learned, including secure federated analyses using DataSHIELD, reproducible *omics computation environments codenamed ‘sandbox’, catalogs of harmonized cohort study variables and the latest developments of the MOLGENIS ‘FAIR Data Hub’ concept.
  • The Implementation and Demonstration of the X-omics FAIR Data Cube – XiaoFeng Liao, Radboud UMC
    XiaoFeng Liao will introduce the FAIR Data Cube in the X-omics initiative and the demonstration in the TWOC (Trusted World of Corona) project. This infrastructure is being developed at the Center for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics (CMBO) at Radboud UMC to help researchers in different stages of the Research Data Life Cycle including creating and describing new data, and finding, understanding, and reusing existing FAIR multi-omics data.

14.30 Coffee / Tea break 
15.00 Discussion on common achievements and challenges
15.30 Discussion on future activities 
16.30 Drinks

Target audience
Researchers, facility managers, data stewards and partners involved in the Enabling Technology Hotels programme and FAIR implementation (for genomics).  

Bio speakers 

  • Joeri van der Velde is a postdoc bioinformatician on a mission to make life sciences data FAIR. He is the lead author of “FAIR Genomes metadata schema promoting Next Generation Sequencing data reuse in Dutch healthcare and research”, is a FAIRification Steward in EJP-RD, and is now working on ‘FAIR Data Hub’ as part of the next generation MOLGENIS platform, which brings together popular semantic data standards and APIs for quick and seamless FAIRification.
  • Aneas Hodselmans is a data-manager at the Department of Genetics at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG). He is a data expert in catalogs, and FAIR data-management. In recent years he has extended his expertise by managing the data of catalogs (including BBMRI-ERIC Directory and RD-Connect) and advising about data-management plans.
  • Anke Wegman is a postdoc Data Steward at the Center for Molecular Medicine (CMM) at the UMC Utrecht. She has a background in Medicine, Epidemiology, Data Management and Data Stewardship. Her focus is to promote – and advice on how – to practice Open Science, within the privacy regulations and according to the FAIR principles. As a member of the DAC (Data Access Committee) for the EGA (European Genome-Phenome Archive), she reviews access requests to datasets stored in the EGA.
  • XiaoFeng Liao
    XiaoFeng Liao is a data steward at the Center for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics (CMBI) at Radboud UMC. He is working on “FAIR Data Cube” in the X-omics initiative, where his main objective is to develop infrastructure that helps researchers in different stages of the Research Data Life Cycle including creating and describing new data, and finding, understanding, and reusing existing FAIR multi-omics data. He is also involved in other FAIR-related projects, for example, the PRISMA studies, where he is mainly responsible for developing a FAIR data model for breast cancer screening.

ZonMW: Margreet Bloemers, Angela Lansbergen-Engel
DTL/Health-RI: Mijke Jetten, Fieke Schoots 

Please contact Fieke Schoots if you have any question. 

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