FAIR data stewardship for discovery and innovation – a workshop for DTL partners


Good data stewardship is rapidly becoming an essential part of modern science. To facilitate good data stewardship and to promote open science, a broad community of international stakeholders have developed FAIR principles, that ensure data are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. The FAIR principles have been embraced by both the European Commission and the G20.

DTL-associated scientists have played a key role in developing the FAIR principles. The DTL network actively promotes FAIR data stewardship, for instance by organising ‘Bring your own data (BYOD) workshops’ and driving the development of technology and other infrastructure to support FAIR data stewardship. Therefore, we offer DTL partners a workshop entitled ‘FAIR Data Stewardship for Discovery and Innovation’.


Day 1 (November 3): FAIR Data Stewardship is coming !

09:30-09:45| Welcome and introduction
Dr. Ruben Kok, director DTL.
09:45-10:30| (FAIR) Data Stewardship in Europe in 2017
Prof. Jaap Heringa (DTL, Head of Node ELIXIR-NL)
10:30-11:00| Coffee/tea break
11:00-12:30| (FAIR) Data Stewardship: Value to the researchers
Dr. Erik Schultes (LUMC, DTL)

Examples, in different stages of FAIRness

  • Euretos Knowledge platform: an interoperability platform
    that is not yet FAIR but would greatly benefit from FAIR data
    Dr. Arie Baak (Euretos)
  • Phenotype DB: starting the process of being FAIR
    Dr. Jildau Bouwman (TNO)
  • MOLGENIS: just went through the process of being FAIR
    David van Enckevort (MA) (UMCG/BBMRI-NL)
  • Castor EDC: just went through the process of being FAIR
    Video presentation by Derk Arts (MD) (Castor)
  • myFAIR: FAIR from the beginning
    Dr. Andrew Stubbs (Erasmus MC)
12:30-13:30| Lunch
13:30-14:30| The Datastewardship plan
Dr. Rob Hooft (DTL)
14:30-15:00| Coffee/tea break
15:00-16:00| FAIR data ecosystem
Dr. Luiz Bonino (VU, DTL)
16:00-16:30| Take Home Messages and Wrap up
16:30 – …….| Drinks


Day 2 (November 4): FAIR Data Stewardship is here !

09:30-09:45| Introduction
Dr. Erik Schultes (LUMC, DTL)
09:45-10:00| Recap FAIR data ecosystem
Dr. Luiz Bonino (VU, DTL)
10:00-10:30| Linked Data / RDF introduction
Dr. Mark Thompson (LUMC)
10:30-11:00| Coffee/tea break
11:00-12:00| Things that work today, from the Skunkworks project
Focus on Interoperability and FAIRness through existing Web technologies
Dr. Mark Wilkinson (UPM)
12:00-13:00| Lunch
13:30-14:30| FAIR Data Point: focus on Findability and Accessibility
Dr. Mark Thompson (LUMC)
14:30-15:00| Coffee/tea break
15:00-16:00| Linked Data: focus on Interoperability, Reusability
Dr. Mark Thompson (LUMC)
16:00-16:30| Take Home Messages and Wrap up
16:30-……….| Drinks


Target audience

Target audience day one:

  • members of the DTL Partner Advisory Committee (high level & middle management),
  • employees of DTL partners that are involved in data stewardship or data management,
  • principal investigators and technical experts employed by DTL partners.

Target audience day two:

  • technical experts and bioinformatics experts employed at DTL partners,
  • employees of DTL partners that are involved in data stewardship or data management.

Practical information

  • Date: 3 and 4 November 2016.
  • Venue: Vergadercentrum Vredenburg 19, Utrecht
  • Costs: free for employees of DTL partners.
  • Registration for this event is now closed. 

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