HotTopics meeting: Cell free DNA

HotTopics cfDNA symposium

On November 21st 2022, a focused on cell-free DNA was successfully concluded. A great line-up of speakers discussed a variety of aspects of cell-free DNA from computational to clinical. Remond kicked off the meeting by laying out a landscape of cfDNA in cancer diagnosis, and was confident that “ctDNA will become a biomarker for better diagnosis, prognosis, therapy prediction, and treatment response monitoring.” Li-Ting continued to describe the possibility and benefit of using Nanopore sequencing for precise sequencing of cfDNA. After the break, Erik shared their experience in conducting large-scale cfDNA sequencing for prenatal tests for chromosomal aberrations (NIPT) and accidental findings such as maternal malignancy and others. At the end of the day, Ymke and Florent shared how they unlocked the landscape of potential information aside from mutations to be harnessed for better detection of cancer using cfDNA. 


  • Remond Fijneman (NKI) Liquid biopsy for future clinical diagnosis for cancer
  • Li-Ting Chen (UMC Utrecht) Nanopore for cell-free DNA sequencing
  • Erik Sistermans (Amsterdam UMC) Fetal cell-free DNA for Non-Invasive Prenatal Test 
  • Ymke van der Pol (Amsterdam UMC) Extracting tumour-derived signal from whole genome sequencing data
  • Florent Mouliere (Amsterdam UMC) Mining cell-free DNA biology to boost liquid biopsy



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