ISA Hackathon

On 20-22 July ELIXIR-UK organises a ISA hackathon at the University of Oxford. The hackathon is part of the ELIXIR UK Node activities with members of the ISA user community, ELIXIR EBI and NL Nodes, FAIRDOM, RO and Nanopublications groups participation. ELIXIR-NL is represented by Jildau Bouwman, Marco Roos en Chris Evelo.

ISA stands for Investigation/Study/Assay and refers to the ISA framework, a community-driven metadata tracking framework to facilitate standards-compliant collection, curation, management and reuse of datasets in an increasingly diverse set of life science domains. The ISA framework is also part of the ELIXIR UK node interoperability components of the EXCELERATE project.

The objectives of the event are to focus on the ISA specification as a FAIR research object.

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