Life congress 2019: “Communication in Life”

The first edition of Life, the NWO Life Sciences congress, will take place on 28 and 29 May 2019 in Postillion Convention Centre in Bunnik. Life2019 is meant to inspire and connect researchers covering the broad spectrum of the Dutch Life Sciences.

About Life
Together with almost twenty researchers, all from different disciplines, NWO is organising the very first edition of Life on 28 and 29 May 2019 in Bunnik: a brand new, unique, national congress covering the Dutch Life Sciences in the widest sense of the word, from femtometer to kilometer, from cell to planet. Life is meant to connect senior and junior researchers from all different disciplines in the life sciences. To explore and push boundaries, to lively discuss new or desirable developments in the field, to get inspired by each other’s research and approaches and to start new interdisciplinary collaborations.

Communication in Life
“Communication in Life” is the title of Life2019. This is spot-on: Communication is of vital importance for life, from the smallest (cell) to the largest level (planet). Communication between researchers in the broad field of the life sciences is essential to optimally benefit from the enormous amount of research that is being performed, and from the knowledge and expertise that is already present. Communication is what NWO wants to facilitate with this congress.

The programme consists of plenary sessions with keynote speakers, five parallel tracks, poster sessions, other elements to promote interaction and improve skills and a social programme.

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