Next-Generation Antibodies and Protein Analysis: Tools & Technologies

VIB’s Tools and Technologies meetings provide a forum for top academic speakers and scientists from both established and emerging companies to present their latest scientific achievements and exciting technological solutions. The Next-Generation Antibodies and Protein Analysis conference will look at emerging tools and approaches in the field of Comprehensive Proteomics, Protein Modifications, Single Domain and Recombinant Antibody tools, Next-Generation Affinity Reagents, Interactomics, Protein Sensing and Molecular Interactions, Single Molecule Analysis and Single-Cell Proteome Analysis.

Catalyzed by VIB’s Technology Scouting team, the Tools and Technologies meetings focus on the front end of innovation and bring together key innovators in selected life sciences research fields. Past and upcoming meetings in the Tools and Technologies series (Genome Engineering and Synthetic biology, September 2013 and Next-Generation Sequencing, January 2015) have proven a tremendous success.

The Next-Generation Antibodies and Protein Analysis conference is set to make another world class meeting, bringing together an exciting selection of top speakers (having published more then 400+ top papers in Nature, Cell and Science) and newly emerged companies. In addition to great scientific and technology program, the conference will provide ample networking opportunities.

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