Open symposium BioMedBridges: Building the bio-connectome – open data infrastructure to accelerate innovation

Following the spirit of the BioMedBridges project, this international, open symposium (November 17-18 2015) – to be hosted by ELIXIR  in the newly refurbished and expanded Wellcome Trust Conference Centre – will bring together life science researchers from a wide array of disciplines including bioinformatics, biobanks, mouse models, imaging, clinical trials, chemical biology and translational research. Challenges and possible solutions to be discussed relate to cross-disciplinary and cross-border use of data, data interoperability (data formats, standards, conventions, provenance models, ontologies), and protection of sensitive data (e.g. in personalised medicine and data with intellectual property protection requirements). In plenary sessions and small, intensive workshops, participants will examine the current status of data integration efforts in the life sciences and present tools and services to address them as well as defining future requirements and further steps needed.

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