Quaero Systems & Proserve Information Day: Biobank conform GDPR

Your biobank and research department are important parts of your organization. The storage of bio-materials brings great responsibilities and the privacy of patients and donors is receiving increasing attention. On May 25, a new legislation, the GDPR, comes into force that should better protect this privacy.

Has the introduction of GDPR received sufficient attention within your organization?

Quaero Systems, together with Proserve, organize an information day with the theme of “What does the introduction of the GDPR mean for your organization?”. During this meeting, you will learn more about the consequences on the introduction of the GDPR for your organization.

We look at this matter not only from a legal perspective, but have also invited speakers from organizations that have looked and implemented from a practical point of view. Next to the GDPR, we will also cover subjects such as FAIR data, Data Stewardship and IT infrastructure that support the protectection of the privacy of patients and donors. The day will be concluded with a short tour at one of the most high-tech data centers in the Netherlands.

This day will inform you on the most important implications and changes for your organization in the advent of the GDPR.

We would like to welcome you on 23 May at 10:00 at Startup Village, Science Park 608 in Amsterdam. The program lasts until 15:00h.

You can park on car park 7, we take care of the exit ticket.
Please bring you ID legitimation card in order to participate for the tour!

More information & registration

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