SB@NL 2014: Tackling Complexity through Data Integration

The SB@NL2014 symposium is the 2nd symposium jointly organised by SB@NL, the Netherlands Platform for Systems Biology, since 2013. In turn, these followed on a series of four annual NCSB symposia held in the years 2009-2012.

The SB@NL2014 symposium aims to bring together systems biologists from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg with those from further afield.

The two-day symposium programme will feature seven sessions:

  • Session 1: Systems and personalised medicine
  • Session 2: Network biology
  • Session 3: Bioinformatics
  • Session 4: Integrating data in the life sciences
  • Session 5: Systems biology applications (ERASysAPP)
  • Session 6: Systems biology of microbial cells
  • Session 7: Systems biology of multicellular organisms

Two prominent senior scientists, one regional and one international, will speak on topics within each of those session, followed by the presentations of two junior scientists.

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